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7 things to look for when selecting a storage facility

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7 things to look for when selecting a storage facility

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Security should be your top priority when searching for your next self-storage facility.  Time after time we hear stories of valuables lost due to theft and the fact that most of today’s storage facilities do not have adequate security to protect your valuables.  At San Antonio RV and Boat Storage securing your valuables in our state-of-the-art Self Storage facility is top of mind.  

Below are few things to look out for when selecting an RV, Boat or self-storage facility in San Antonio.

  1. Self-Storage Staff

Self-Storage Security starts at the front office.  Staff should be friendly, presentable and capable to explaining the measures taken to protect your valuables.  Security is not just a physical solution but a state of mind fostered by experienced staff.

  1. Perimeter Fencing

Every self-storage facility should have a perimeter fence that is a minimum 6’ in height with a minimum of 2 rows of barbed wire across the top.  This is San Antonio RV and Boat Storages first line of defense against intruders and it sets a precedence with any would be intruder.  This is critical to stop theft before it begins.

  1. Adequate Lighting

A good security lighting design gives adequate lighting throughout the self-storage facility making navigation the facility easy but also limiting areas potential thieves can hide.  You should be able to see your surroundings clearly with the light provided and be able to identify any potential risk.

  1. Access Control

Electronic access control should be at the main drive thru gate and any pedestrian gates at the storage facility.  Storage access control such as the one at San Antonio RV and Boat Storage limits access to those who do not have authorization to enter the self-storage facility but also creates an entry log of those who do have permission to be on premise.

  1. Intrusion Detection

Your next storage facility should be equipped with an Alarm system for non business hours when storage facility staff are not on site and when no customers are present. Alarm systems can adapt to many threats such as photoelectric beams to keep would be intruders out of RV Storage or Boat Storage areas.  Motion Detection can also provide the inner layer of defense against intruders who make it through the exterior fencing.

  1. Surveillance Cameras

A well-designed RV, Boat and Self-Storage facility should have a thorough surveillance camera system that adequately provides video of all common areas of the storage facility.  Many surveillance systems these days such as the one at San Antonio RV and Boat Storage have analytics that capture vehicles and counts people coming and going from the storage facility.

  1. Cleanliness

A sign of good management and care of your valuables at a storage facility is cleanliness.  Keeping the facility clean will limit hiding spots for criminals but also assist in keeping pests out of your stored valuables.


For additional information on our security plan feel free to contact us at 210-245-8616

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