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RV Storage Features

70' Wide Roads

All drives at the storage facility are 70′ wide for easy navigation.

Pull Thru Units

Pull thru covered storage upto 90′

Electricity Outlet

Optional electricity for all covered storage.

12.5' Wide RV Units

Wide roads and wide storage spaces make for easy parking.

Dump Station

Complimentary dump station for RV parking customers.

Air Station

Complementary air station to keep you safe on the road.

24/7 Access

All customers receive 24/7 access to their storage unit.

Best-in-Class Security

Access control and surveillance will keep your valuables under close watch.

Vehicle Storage

At San Antonio RV and Boat Storage, we provide safe and reliable indoor storage for all types of vehicles. We offer 24/7 access with our state-of-the-art security system so you can be rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands. We are conveniently located on the southwest side of San Antonio giving easy access to 1604 and Loop 211 Highways!

Our facilities have everything from spacious 10′ x 20′ self storage to special units for large motorhomes – no matter what type of vehicle you have, our staff will do their best to accommodate your needs. Plus, all our customers get amenities such as free air station, RV dump station and 24/7 access upon request!

Affordable Vehicle Storage San Antonio Texas.

RV Storage San Antonio

Are you looking for a safe place to store your automobile or any other recreational vehicle? San Antonio RV and Boat Storage is the perfect spot for keeping your cherished possessions away from threats like theft and severe weather. With our secure storage facility located just outside of town in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, there’s no better option than us when it comes to providing peace-of-mind for you and your vehicle. Read on to learn more about why storing with us can be the best decision you make as an owner of a recreational vehicle!

At San Antonio RV and Boat Storage, we provide affordable, covered and uncovered storage for owners who don’t have room at home and still want safe and easy access to their recreational vehicles. Our lot has plenty of storage spaces for all types of RVs, trailers, and campers. Our storage facility can hold everything from class A motorhomes to small pop-up campers and tow trailers.

Security should be top of mind when storing your vehicle.

A secure vehicle parking facility will give you peace of mind that your car, truck or classic car is safe while it’s in storage.  Therefore, when you make the decision to look into vehicle storage, the security features the facility has available should be top of mind. You want to make sure to thoroughly research how secure they are.

Why RV Storage

When it comes to owning vehicles, it’s important to consider where it will be stored when not in use. Sure, you could keep it parked in your driveway or on the street, but that comes with its own set of headaches. Vehicles take up a lot of space and can be an eyesore for your neighbors. Plus, leaving it out in the elements can lead to damage and wear and tear. That’s where vehicle storage comes in. By parking your vehicle at San Antonio RV, Boat and Self Storage, you can ensure it stays safe and secure while not in use. With a range of options from covered or uncovered storage to non-climate control, you can find the perfect fit for your particular needs. So, why vehicle storage? It’s a smart choice for any vehicle owner who wants to protect their investment and keep their neighborhood HOA from sending those friendly letters.

RV Storage Security

When you invest in an vehicle, you want to keep it safe and secure when you’re not out exploring the open road. That’s where vehicle parking comes in. However, it’s not just enough to have a place to park your vehicle. The security of your vehicle storage is just as important as the security of your home. You want to make sure the storage lot has security features in place, such as gated access, security cameras, and on-site staff. A secure storage facility will give you peace of mind knowing that your vehicle and belongings are protected from potential theft and vandalism. So, before you park your vehicle, make sure you choose a secure storage facility to keep it safe.

One of the most important vehicle storage security features is proper lighting. Does the facility have proper lighting in the outdoor storage areas?  This is especially important for facilities that offer 24 hour access to the storage site. A clean property also shows that the resident managers and staff take pride in their facility and keep an eye out for the safety concerns of their customers.

Normal business hours of a storage facility gives added security to the location. Boat storage operations also have specific gate access hours and office hours for added security.

About Exploring San Antonio and the surrounding area in your RV

The Value of Vehicle Storage and Parking in San Antonio

San Antonio is a great city to call home. However, it can be a challenge to find a safe and secure storage space for your vehicle. Whether it is a car, RV, or boat, finding a suitable location that is protected from weather damage and potential theft can be a headache. However, with a range of vehicle storage and parking options available, you can rest easy knowing that your investment is protected.

Safety and security

When it comes to vehicle storage and parking, safety and security should be your top concern. You want to ensure that your vehicle is protected from weather damage, vandalism, and theft. With the right storage facility, you can have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is secure, with 24/7 surveillance, gated access, and additional security measures. This is especially important if you plan to store your vehicle for an extended period.

Protection from weather damage

San Antonio can be a harsh environment for vehicles, with extreme heat and heavy rain throughout the year. This can cause serious damage to your vehicle, such as faded paint and rust. With the right storage facility, you can protect your vehicle from weather damage, by keeping it under a carport, inside a garage, or even in a climate-controlled unit.

Cost-effective storage options

Not everyone has the luxury of space to store their vehicle at home. And even if you do, it can create headaches if you’re not equipped to keep your vehicle secured, weather-protected, and maintain it over time. That’s where professional storage facilities come in. With a range of storage options available, you can find something that fits both your budget and storage needs. You can store your vehicle for just a few days or for an extended period, depending on your requirements.


When you’re not using your vehicle, you don’t want it taking up space in your driveway. With a storage facility, you can keep your car, RV, or boat out of the way while still having accessible anytime you need it. This can be especially useful for seasonal vehicles, which you might not use for several months out of the year and do not want them to take up space in the meantime.

Maintaining your vehicle’s value

Your vehicle represents a significant investment, and you want to make sure it maintains its value over its lifetime. Storing your car, RV, or boat in a professional storage facility can prolong its life and keep it in top-notch condition. Businesses that cater to vehicle storage always offer regular maintenance services like washing and detailing that can protect your investment from the elements.

San Antonio’s long-term vehicle storage options can be the best way to keep your investment secure and well-maintained. With a range of solutions available, you can find an option that suits your specific needs and budget. Whether you’re looking for a safe and secure place to park your car overnight, store your RV for months or years at a time, or protect your boat from weather damage, investing in the right storage facility can provide superior safety and security advantages for vehicle storage.

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What size covered storage do you have?

We offer three different sized units, 12.5′ x 35′, 12.5′ x 40′ and 12.5′ x 45′.

What is the cost for Covered and Uncovered Storage?

Prices start at $70 but you can see all pricing by clicking HERE.

Do you provide power to maintain batteries.

Yes.  We can provide power for an additional charge.

Note:  Circuits are limited (110v 20 amp) and will only be used to maintain batteries

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