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Things to think about when selecting a self storage facility for your boat

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Things to think about when selecting a self storage facility for your boat

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Imagine you and your boat out on the water for a day of fun for those who are boat owners or are considering buying that dream boat. One of the most crucial things to consider when purchasing a boat is where will you store it, how convenient is your storage and how secure is your boat when in storage? San Antonio RV and Boat Storage in San Antonio is one of the most secure and competitively priced options for RV, Boat and Self-Storage when the garage is full and HOA’s don’t allow RV and Boats to be stored on your property.

Boat storage is simple, select your storage unit size, select a location and sign up for short or long-term storage. Below mentioned are the benefits of our boat storage facility and things to consider before selecting self-storage:

Benefits of self-storage for your boat:

San Antonio RV and Boat Storage offers all types of storage solutions that will protect your valuables and extend the life of your recreational vehicles.

  • Protects Against the Elements

Since covered boat storage protects your boat from the elements, your boat will last longer. Boats deteriorate quickly if they are continually exposed to rain, hail, snow, wind, and sun.

Constant sun exposure can wear down the boat’s outer covering and harm the upholstery and other textiles. The boat’s hull and engine may become clogged with leaves and rain, which could lead to damage. Drainage systems may become blocked by dirt, leaves and water.  Any part of the boat is susceptible to damage in strong winds. Over time, cracks may even appear due to weather changes.

Long-term harm might also result from leaving your boat in the water. Even slight design flaws that could allow a trickle of water to enter the boat would eventually lead to harm. The best approach to preserve your boat in the greatest condition possible is to keep it covered and out of the elements.

  • Extra Secure

Your boat will be far safer to store in a covered facility than it will be in a marina, on the water, or in your backyard. With 6’ barbed wire fencing, 24 hour video surveillance, access control, and padlocks at each San Antonio RV Storage unit, the boat storage facilities provides an extremely secure environment.

Most people do not want spiky wire fences in their yards regardless of how safe it makes an area and many HOA’s will not allow homeowners to do the necessary things to protect their valuables.  Installation video surveillance cameras might be costly. Nonetheless, the ideal boat storage facility has these precautions readily available. You can relax knowing that your boat is in a secure area, far from any potential thieves or vandals, thanks to all the security mechanisms.

  • More Room in Your Garage or Yard

Although they are enormous, boats can be an enjoyable investment. You probably won’t have enough space to store the boat at your house unless you have a very large garage with a designated place for all those household extras. Indoor storage is the best option for security against the elements, theft, and vandalism but it comes at a cost of the valuable space in your home.

Many homeowners associations have developed bi-laws that prevent homeowners from parking boats and RV’s in their yards driveways and streets in attempt to preserve aesthetics within the community.

  • 24-Hour Accessibility

Keeping your boat in a reputable storage facility allows you to access it whenever you want, day or night. You always have 24/7 access to your boat, rv or self storage unit.  Many facilities do not allow around the clock access to your stored valuables, or have proper lighting to navigate the storage facility safely.

Limited access be feasible for some people in specific circumstances, but most people desire 24/7 access to their boats. Storing your boat in your garage is easy, but it simply takes up too much space for the average household. We make Boat Storage in San Antonio easy and accessible.

  • Better For the Environment

One of the intriguing advantages of boat storage is that it contributes to the upkeep of the lake or river you enjoy. Even the greatest boats occasionally leak some oil or fuel onto the ground or water. This is harmful to both water and the land. Oil and gas leaks into the water are avoided when a boat is kept in dry storage in a reputable storage facility.

In addition to damaging the health of fish and other water creatures, this degradation also harms the aesthetics of the water. Over time, even minor oil spills build up and seriously degrade the local water supply. By storing your boat at our friendly boat storage facility, you can help do your part to protect the environment, wildlife, and local water ways.

Important Factors when Choosing a Boat Storage Facility:

Storing a boat will depend on a number of circumstances. There are various solutions available. You should be able to locate the ideal facility that meets your demands for boat storage by simple doing a quick online search for storage facilities near me. Here are some factors to take into account while selecting a self storage facility:

  1. Security

If you want to get any sleep at night, you need to make sure that the facility has the most advanced security. It should be clear enough just by looking at the business. It would satisfy if you tended out for the following:

  • Good lighting
  • Access control on both man and drive gates
  • 24/7 video surveillance
  • Video analytics
  • Climb proof fencing
  • Beam detection
  • Alarm system

At San Antonio RV and Boat Storage we work diligently to make sure you valuables are protected.

  • Cleanliness

Although the boat’s storage location is likely more important to you than anything else, you should nonetheless visit the other units and the entire facility. Make sure everything is orderly and tidy.

When you go to check on your boat, you don’t want to discover it covered in grime, grease, or other substances that could harm the parts of your boat. Keep an eye out for traps or other pest deterrents because, in an ideal world, there shouldn’t be any evidence of rodents either.

  • Size of Units

Facilitiesof Boat Storage San Antonio should accommodate the variety of sizes and shapes of boats. You should convert that to a cost per yard when comparing storage rates.

The better, the more space your boat has. A boat often sustains the majority of its dents and dings while it is out of the water. A unit that is too small could result in damage to your precious asset.

Final Words:

Thus, those mentioned above are the benefits of using a boat storage facility. Before renting a facility, you should be clear on security, cleanliness and size of units. So, thoroughly consider above mentioned things while choosing a storage facility. Using a storage facility will ensure your boat’s safety and be in good condition whenever needed. 

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